Releasing equity from your property

Did you know that there is cash stored up in your house that you can release? Did you know that this can be the solution that you have been looking for because life in retirement has been so challenging? That’s right! With an equity release scheme, you can release some or all of the cash that is stored up in your home. The main objective of equity release is to make it possible for people like you who are in their retirement to have some extra cash to improve your standard of living.

The amount of money that can be released from your home is dependent on:

How old you are

How much your home is worth

How much you choose  to release

Before you make the decision to release equity from your home, you need to have a proper understanding of what is going on in the financial services market. However, as the common man, you are far from understanding the financial services market. This is where we at East Kent Leading Solutions for Property can be of help. 

Advantages of Our Advice

You know what to expect - We will assess your current financial position to help you determine which equity release scheme is best for you and how much money you would be able to release from your home.

You know what the tax implications are - Because of our experience and knowledge in the equity release sector, we will help you to understand the tax implications of equity release and how much tax free money can be generated from your property.

You will get impartial advice - Our financial advisor will offer independent and impartial advice that will help to ensure that you choose the scheme that is best suited to your needs.

What you can do with your extra cash

The main focus of our advice is to help you make the right equity release decision so that you can get the extra cash that you need to:

Boost your retirement

Equity release gives you extra cash that you can use for any purpose and as a result, your life in retirement will gain a boost and be much more comfortable.

Buy a new car

Imagine how cool you would look at the age of sixty driving a Lamborghini? You will be the envy of every man and women!

Finance the holiday of a lifetime

May be you have always dreamed of going on a cruise to the Caribbean or to see the Northern Lights. With equity release, you can finally go on the holiday that you have been dreaming of all your life,

Help out your family

Maybe you have grandchildren who cannot attend college because of insufficient funds? You can pay for their education and make sure that they have a brighter future.

Make improvements to your home

As you get older, you may need to make certain changes to your home to facilitate your health. Why not let your house pay for the improvement that it needs.


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Read what some of our satisfied homeowners and borrowers have said about us!

To be honest, I was very skeptical about equity release when I first heard about it. I did not know how it worked and I did not trust it but East Kent Leading Solutions for Property helped me see the advantages of equity release and now I am enjoying the benefits.
Elizabeth J. Brooks

Getting a loan as a retiree in East Kent is almost impossible. I was so thankful to the staff of East Kent Leading Solutions for Property for their help and guidance and for making it so easy for me to get a loan through an equity release provider. 
Eva R. Collins

My husband had wanted to visit his brother in Ireland for years now  but he was never able to do so. First, he just did not have the time to do so and when he finally got the time, we did not have the money. Thanks to these guys, we just got back from Ireland.
Tracie J. Cook